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FELCO 200A-40 Two-hand pruning shear | Length 40 cm STRAIGHT cutting head

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FELCO 200A-40

Two-hand pruning shear | Length 40cm| STRAIGHT cutting head

Power and precision are the outstanding qualities of the lightweight and robust FELCO 200A-40 loppers. Once you have decided to make a cut the outcome is never in doubt, especially as the tenacious toothed counter blade grips the wood into the cutting head. The adjustable, straight tapered cutting head gives you the precision access that is essential to reach between those awkward outgrowths. The distinctive capabilities of the FELCO 200A-40 lopper are boosted by interchangeable handles. Rapidly switch the three tubes available – up to an optimum length of 60cm / 23.6- to extend the tool’s reach and leverage to stay in command of the toughest pruning. Comfort comes from the rubber shock absorbers which cushion your wrists as you go for cutting the bigger branches.

Made in Switzerland