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60mm Jiffy Pots (No Drainage Hole NDH ) x 3,000pcs - BULK

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Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pot.

Jiffy Pots make propagation easy – just add soil, seeds and water.

The pot is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Plant the whole pot into a bigger pots or onto garden bed when seedlings are large enough to handle.

This will prevent transplant shock by not disturbing the plant’s fragile root system.

Jiffy pot : D60mm x H60mm without Drainage hole

Materials: Peat moss and Wood fiber


Quantity : 3,000pcs

Shipping Charges:

NSW / VIC $39.90 per carton

QLD / TAS / SA / ACT $49.90 per carton

WA / NT $69.90 per carton

Last update  09/2021